Embedded Systems services

Our Embedded Systems services involve designing and developing software and hardware systems that are integrated into products and devices to perform specific functions. Embedded systems are typically used in products that require specific functionality, such as consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive systems, and industrial automation.
Our Innovative Embedded Systems Lab engineers will provide the following Services, but customizable to our customer business need requirements:

AutoSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)

We also provide AutoSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) services that involve developing and implementing software solutions for automotive embedded systems. AutoSAR is an open standard that defines a common software architecture for automotive embedded systems, enabling interoperability between different automotive components and systems.
Here are some examples of AutoSAR services that we can implement:
AutoSAR System Design: AutoSAR engineers can design and develop AutoSAR-compliant systems that meet the requirements of automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.
AutoSAR Software Development: AutoSAR engineers can develop and implement software solutions that are compliant with the AutoSAR standard, including operating systems, communication stacks, and application software.
AutoSAR Integration: AutoSAR engineers can integrate software components and systems from different suppliers to create complete AutoSAR-compliant systems that meet customer requirements.
AutoSAR Testing and Validation: AutoSAR engineers can develop and execute tests to validate the functionality, performance, and reliability of AutoSAR-compliant systems, ensuring that they meet industry standards and customer requirements.
AutoSAR Training and Support: AutoSAR engineers can provide training and support to customers to help them understand and implement the AutoSAR standard, enabling them to develop and maintain AutoSAR-compliant systems.